Asset Insight

“Asset Insight”, Wimera’s flagship Accelerator IoT application, is an end to end solution suite that is specifically developed to monitor the remote discrete assets. The solution comprises of:

Hardware / software components for data acquisition that perform following functions:

Data acquisition from instruments/ PLC controllers/ SCADA/ embedded controllers/ energy meters using various standard interfaces such as

  • Sensors/ instruments interface using IO modules supporting standard signal types (e.g. 4~20 mA etc.)
  • PLC controller protocols (All major vendors’ protocols supported e.g. GE, Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi etc….)
  • SCADA system interface through OPC/ ODBC/ file exchange etc.
  • Embedded controllers’ and energy meters’ data using Modbus (RTU/TCP)

The data concentrator/logger stores the data and sends the time stamped data periodically to central database server throufg nternet either using 2G/3G GPRS Modem or WAN through secured connection over internet at user settable time interval.

Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) assures complete security

Software solution with following features:

  • Database and analytics software application hosted on cloud
  • Secure user management and user role based data and analytics access
  • SaaS (Solution as a Service) model
  • Easy to deploy, modular and scalable architecture with following modules/ components:
Assets, Users and Database management
Configuration and management of site, assets, users and security
Real-time Database
Retrieval, storage and maintenance of real time data acquired from multiple sites
Parameter /Maintenance Alerts
Configurable SMS/ email alerts on any parameters exceeding pre-defined alarm level or any equipment nearing a maintenance condition. Scheduled (preventive) maintenance alerts can also be generated.
Equipment Performance Tracker
Specific Algorithms for continuous online calculations of performance/ efficiency and tracking losses.
Custom analytics reports generation for various user roles

Iot Connectivity Solution

Most sensor manufacturers and R&D houses focus on their main-line activity and may not have expertise to create a full product with connectivity. WiFi is one of most preferred connectivity as part of the IoT solution, especially so if it’s a consumer product. Wimera’s expertise can help the customer to quickly provide the connectivity solution.

Wimera has in-depth expertise in full stack development on WiFi connectivity solution. The solution has the capability to be configured in Station Mode and/or Access Point Mode. Wimera has the complete development tool chain to develop in-flash OS and NON-OS based applications to run on ESP module.

Wimera Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Wimera systems is a privately-owned company specialized in digital transformation solutions.

Wimera has expertise in Embedded Hardware, Firmware, Applications including for Mobile, Desktops and Server. Wimera has expertise in Systems Integration for IoT and  I-IoT enablement. Wimera has delivered projects in the Industrial Automation/Industry 4.0, Automotive, Home Automation sectors. Wimera is Headquartered in Bangalore and has branches in Netherlands and Germany.

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