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Manufacturing Side of Digital Transformation

The fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0, is now underway. This is the manufacturing side of digital transformation — the tantalizing potential of “smart factories” that deliver intelligence on demand. The evolution of data-driven autonomous systems and machine learning tools underpins the promise of Industry 4.0 as organizations look to connect IoT devices, collect critical metrics, visualize data in real time, analyze results and optimize manufacturing processes.

Industrial Internet of Things

Manufacturing executives all over the world are looking at IIoT/Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things) as a way to transform their business. They understand the potential of the technology that can drive better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), drive process improvements and reduce waste while also innovating ways to bring new products out the door for their customers.  The combination of infrastructure, analytics and visibility are creating real economic value across many organizations.

The Future of Manufacturing

We talk about Industry 4.0 – the future of manufacturing —  and a lot of people think that this is only for the big enterprises.  While this may seem valid for the big enterprises, Industry 4.0 technologies can be applied to any small or medium sized machine shop business too. Let us help  you to apply new technologies to any size machine shop.

Digital Foundry – Expertise in digital transformation of Foundry industry.

End-End IoT Smart solutions for Foundry industries with Hardware, Sensors, Embedded software and Application development with Industrial domain expertise

Expertise in data collection using Wimera logger hardware with sensors

Data integration with Foundry enterprise applications MES and ERP

Data centralization from various machines in the Foundry shop floor and Raw material area and Data monitoring from on-premises, cloud and mobile applications

Predictive maintenance

OEE, Performance, Quality reports

AI, Machine Learning and Big data analytics

Case Studies

CNC Solution

  • Machine Runtime, Idle & Breakdown time
  • Overall Equipment efficiency
  • Alerts for over speeding and mis-use
  • Alerts for Coolant and Lubrication levels
  • Production Qty, Rejection rates
  • Actual Cutting time, Tool life alert
  • Vibration and Energy Trends

Injection Moulding Solution

  • Nozzle Temperature
  • Melt and Mold Temperature
  • Cooling rates and Time Stamp
  • Screw Back Pressure


  • From Storage Tanks and Electroplating Machine to Wimera Data Logger (with Sensors)
  • From Wimera Data Logger (with Sensors) to On Premise PC For Device and Application Server

Compressor Solution

  • Process parameters and Set-points
    • Compressor suction pressure
    • Compressor discharge pressure
    • Compressor motor current
    • Compressor capacity, etc.
    • Compressor motor RPM low/high
    • Oil filter diff. pressure High
    • Compressor motor current High, etc.
  • Alarms
    • Compressor suction pressure Low Compressor discharge pressure High

IoT Enabled Solenoid Actuators

  • Reduce abrupt breakdown by Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Electroplating Machine Monitoring Solution

  • RFID Tag for Bay Identification
  • Weighing of Raw Material from Different Bays and charging the furnace

Shop Floor

Shop-floor Paperless Management

Data Collection when shift starts

  • Operator enters data before shift starts
  • Selects Employee ID
  • Select the FG part number of the product to be produced for the shift
  • Number of products per cycle

Operator Idle Time Booking

  • Machine goes to Idle status for more than 15 minutes, Operator will be alerted to book idle time
  • Operator books idle-time under Break-down reasons

Shop-floor Quality Management

Operator scans the part after production

  • Optional Barcode or QR code scanning for part count
  • Operator scans for each product after the production
  • Part count from scanner will override the part count from machine that gives better accuracy

Operator inspects and enter quality data

  • Operator inspects the part after the production.
  • Classify into good, rework needed and rejected.
  • Operator Rework reason or Reject reason on Operator dashboard based on the quality.

Wimera Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Wimera systems is a privately-owned company specialized in digital transformation solutions.

Wimera has expertise in Embedded Hardware, Firmware, Applications including for Mobile, Desktops and Server. Wimera has expertise in Systems Integration for IoT and  I-IoT enablement. Wimera has delivered projects in the Industrial Automation/Industry 4.0, Automotive, Home Automation sectors. Wimera is Headquartered in Bangalore and has branches in Netherlands and Germany.

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