Wimera Covid-19 Solutions

Every Organization today worried about their employee safety

1.     Track employee compliance of Wearing a mask compulsorily within the premises all the times

2.     Ensure employees/visitors entry to the premise to be monitored for symptoms of high temperature

3.    Adhere to social distancing guidelines followed all the times within the premises

Wimera industrial IOT solutions

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Wimera Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Wimera systems is a privately-owned company specialized in digital transformation solutions.

Wimera has expertise in Embedded Hardware, Firmware, Applications including for Mobile, Desktops and Server. Wimera has expertise in Systems Integration for IoT and  I-IoT enablement. Wimera has delivered projects in the Industrial Automation/Industry 4.0, Automotive, Home Automation sectors. Wimera is Headquartered in Bangalore and has branches in Netherlands and Germany.

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