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Drive performance and save costs

Improve your shop floor productivity and track and improve performance with real-time production analytics with Wimera

Unleash your machines data to accelerate performance

Don't be a backseat driver with your shop floor!

There is tremendous amounts of insights in your current and historical shopfloor data. Wimera reveals that data to you, with real-time analytics and actionable intelligence.

This enables your enterprise to have real-time accurate production data that is actionable, so that you can drive process improvements, prevent production losses or machine downtime and empower your teams to meet their production goals.


Increase in Overall Efficiency


Increase in Equipment Uptime


Increase in Machine Utilization

Revealing hidden capacity within your shopfloor data, enables you to optimize and drive greater value of your manufacturing operations.

Understanding your machines utilization can accurately forecast your potential capacity in real-time, eliminating production bottlenecks and enabling faster time to market.

Drive greater value

By utilizing your shopfloor data (both current and historical), Wimera enables you to improve overall manufacturing productivity with real-time production analytics.

This enables you to effectively predict and schedule maintenance to avoid downtime, detect and repair defects immediately and increase your production margins.

Rev up your manufacturing operations

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About Us

Drive performance with real-time visibility, OEE, downtime analysis and historical use of your shop floor data.

Production Monitoring

Empower your workforce with systems and processes that lead to better, more efficient process optimizations.



Enable your floor management and engineers to keep your machines running during manufacturing operations.

Condition Monitoring

Use the power of your data to predict the exact time maintenance is required on your equipment.



Using Wimera effectively in your enterprise

Established in 1995, Total Power box Solution Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical distribution products in the Philippines. Combining its skilled team and state-of-the-art technology and machineries, Power box can produce high quality switchgears, panel boards and various other electrical distribution products.

Engr. Edwin Pangilinan is the Vice President of Total Power box Solution Inc and has been with the company for 22years already. He is in-charge of the overall operation of the whole manufacturing business or the company and is one of the key stakeholders in the implementation of Wimera Smart Factory solutions in their plant.


There are many benefits to using IoT nodes in factories, especially for Wimera products, some significant benefit is Improved efficiency and productivity: Wimera IoT nodes can be used to collect data on a variety of factors, such as machine performance, product quality, and inventory levels. for further application this data can then be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the production process, improve product quality, and reduce waste.


In this era of digitalization, we are facing a challenge to transform our organization into 4.0 Industry. By our recent cooperation with Wimera, it helps us to solve our challenges we are facing with our legacy system to comply with Industry 4.0 transformation.


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