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Preventing unplanned downtime through PdM

Optimize equipment lifetimes, monitor equipment's efficiency, output and quality over time to accurately understand when maintenance is required

Reduced maintenance costs and reduced waste

Supporting & enabling predictive maintenance

Wimera enables predictive maintenance throughout the enterprise, through utilizing IIoT to gather and analyse data about assets, equipment or machinery. Sensors and other instruments collect data about equipment status to detect any issues that may need to be addressed to prevent future outages and unnecessary downtime. 

By gathering and transmitting equipment performance data in real time, Wimera can run predictive maintenance analytics to identify any potential issues that may result in equipment failure. This process helps organizations better predict the chances of outages or other disruptions so that they can take a proactive approach to maintenance.


Thanks to the data collected in machine operations, predictive maintenance can be scheduled regularly at the end of a production run and at most times have the least impact to order production. This maximizes the uptime and life of machine components significantly.

Optimize your planned downtime

Predictive maintenance's main use case is in limiting the cost of unplanned downtime in highly critical manufacturing industries.

Scheduled preventive maintenance can ensure that machines can run smoothly most of the time, revealing patterns that could disrupt a production run through artificial intelligence and historical data. This enables more proactive maintenance that is planned and easily implementable.

Limit unplanned downtime

The goal of predictive maintenance is simple, to increase your manufacturing enterprise's bottom line. With less maintenance on good components and quicker repair of faulty components, repairs can be planned and optimized hereby reducing repair time significantly.

On an average, enterprises see 10-40% reduction in maintenance costs since it is predicted in advance exposing the inefficiencies of traditional schedule based maintenance.

Increase your revenue with predictive maintenance

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About Us

Established in 1995, Total Power box Solution Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical distribution products in the Philippines. Combining its skilled team and state-of-the-art technology and machineries, Power box can produce high quality switchgears, panel boards and various other electrical distribution products.

Engr. Edwin Pangilinan is the Vice President of Total Power box Solution Inc and has been with the company for 22years already. He is in-charge of the overall operation of the whole manufacturing business or the company and is one of the key stakeholders in the implementation of Wimera Smart Factory solutions in their plant.


There are many benefits to using IoT nodes in factories, especially for Wimera products, some significant benefit is Improved efficiency and productivity: Wimera IoT nodes can be used to collect data on a variety of factors, such as machine performance, product quality, and inventory levels. for further application this data can then be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the production process, improve product quality, and reduce waste.


In this era of digitalization, we are facing a challenge to transform our organization into 4.0 Industry. By our recent cooperation with Wimera, it helps us to solve our challenges we are facing with our legacy system to comply with Industry 4.0 transformation.


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